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Sudden shutdown issues in Toshiba® Satellite U500

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Guidelines to fix sudden shutdown issues in Toshiba Satellite U500

Toshiba Satellite U500 is a powerful and ultra portable laptop manufactured by Toshiba. It comes with a 13.3 inch display having a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and it has 4 GB of RAM. It has got an integrated webcam and memory card reader. The Operating System is Windows Vista, which can be further upgraded. The hard disk capacity hardware is 320 GB. The other hardware are, fingerprint reader, express slot, Ethernet card Wi-Fi and LAN. All these features make it a good buy for the customers. Toshiba Satellite U500 experiences sudden shutdown due to the presence of viruses, CPU overheating and power failures.

Tips to solve sudden shut down in Toshiba Satellite U500:
  • Power supply
  • Overheating of CPU
  • Virus attack

Power supply

When there is no power supply, the system will immediately shutdown. It is mainly due to a break in power input to the laptop. If there is any loose connection or if you detach the power cables, an immediate shutdown happens. Winding of the cord can break the connection to the system internally. You should handle the adapter of the laptop with care and the laptop battery should not be overcharged, else it will shorten the battery life.

Overheating of CPU

The system can experience a sudden shutdown due to the overheating of the processor. This can be due to many problems. If the air vents get clogged or the fan does not function properly, overheating happens, which leads to an immediate shutdown of the system. So you must see whether the fan is working properly and the air vents are not blocked. The vents should be cleaned in order to avoid sudden shutdown.

Virus attack

Presence of viruses in the system can also lead to immediate shutdown. Viruses are small programs that affect your laptop when you connect to an external network or also when an external plug and play device is connected to the laptop. Updated antivirus software should be installed and should be run thoroughly to check the system for any virus or malware infections. Repeated or immediate shutdown is the after effect of a virus. Scan the system after updating the virus database to remove any existing malware.


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