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Types of error codes in the Toshiba® Satellite U500

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What are the different types of error codes in Toshiba Satellite U500?

The Toshiba Satellite U500 is designed with a high configuration and it suits travelers, students and Internet users. Windows 7 on the Toshiba Satellite U500 will be an added feature. Windows 7 is stable and has a very good error detecting technique and has various tools to fix those errors. Error codes or messages are displayed on the screen to make the troubleshooting easy. Error codes are displayed in various stages. You can even see start up errors, Windows errors and run time errors on the Toshiba Satellite U500. All these error messages reveal a cause of the issue and makes troubleshooting easy. You need to understand the error messages before you start troubleshooting the issue. Some error codes are clear and self-explanatory and some need technical expertise to understand the cause and way fix to it.

Different error codes and tips to fix them in the Toshiba Satellite U500 are mentioned below:
  • Errors during the boot process
  • Windows errors
  • Run time errors

Errors during boot process

Power on Self Test (POST) is performed as soon as the laptop is turned on. During this process, hardware components are tested and if all the critical components except the keyboard are working, you get a message on the monitor and then all the issues are reported by error codes. After the POST, the boot process checks for boot files and if the boot files or media are not found, you get an error “No boot disc found“. To fix this issue make sure that the boot device is connected properly, check the BIOS setup for boot priority. If incompatible hardware or software was installed in last start up, you might see a blue screen error. You can then write down the error code and refer to the Microsoft website to fix it. Disconnect the recently connected hardware and then try to restart the computer.

Windows errors

Windows has always tried to provide better error detection and reporting methods. All the new versions of Windows provide clear error messages to notify the user that an issue has occurred or an invalid operation has been performed. You might get a message “Access denied” if you try to access the file or folder for which you do not have access to. So, log in as an administrator and then try to access the file. You can see a message stating that a particular Windows file is missing or corrupted. Windows tools like System Restore, CHKDSK, and safe mode can be used to fix these kinds of errors. Some Windows error reports are sent to Microsoft with your permission. So, they can research and develop a fix for the issues.

Run time errors

Run time errors are those errors which occurred when an application or a process is performed. This error message can occur due to software issues, virus issues, system RAM issues etc. So, before installing software check if it’s compatible with the operating system. If the error occurs after installing any updates, uninstall the recently installed updates. If it occurs after upgrading the RAM, disconnect the upgraded RAM. Scan the computer to ensure that the computer is virus free.


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