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Installation of Bluetooth® Drivers in Toshiba® Satellite U500

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Know more about Installation of Bluetooth Drivers in Toshiba Satellite U500

The Toshiba Satellite U500 is a stylish laptop series from Toshiba which is built for mobile performance. The 13.3-inch diagonal high-definition display comes with touch screen facility. The multi-touch display revolutionizes your digital world. Its light and compact features also include a full-size keyboard, a built-in optical drive and powerful Dual-core processors from Intel. High performance, portability and powerful multimedia features are all embedded in this stunning laptop. It also comes with an amazing battery life. This series usually comes with Wi-Fi wireless networking. However, they do not have an in-built Bluetooth. A Bluetooth driver needs to be installed in your system so as to enable communication between the wireless devices.

A few tips need to be kept in mind while installing Bluetooth drivers in your Toshiba Satellite U500. They are included below:
  • Installation tips
  • OS compatibility
  • Scan, backup and update

Installation tips

Before installing Bluetooth drivers, you are required to ensure the presence of a Bluetooth adapter in your system as the Satellite U500 series does not come equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. After installing the Bluetooth adapter, you then need to install the various drivers for it. The different drivers compatible with your Bluetooth adapter are available online. However, when downloading you must ensure that you download the drivers only from reliable and reputed websites. As otherwise, there is a chance that your Toshiba Satellite U500 might get corrupted or infected.

OS compatibility

While downloading Bluetooth drivers, you are required to select your Operating system and download only those drivers that are compatible with your system. The Bluetooth drivers work only for specific systems. You are, therefore, recommended to download and install the driver only after ensuring its compatibility with your Toshiba Satellite U500. It needs to meet the system and hardware requirements of your system. The driver should be compatible with the Bluetooth adapter and the Operating system of your laptop.

Scan, backup and update

Before installing the Bluetooth driver in your system, you are required to conduct a thorough scan of your system and find out all the outdated drivers. You may then update these drivers so as to enhance your system performance. It is also recommended to create a backup of all the important files and other data in your system before carrying out the installation. There are chances of system crash when performing major changes on your system. You are, therefore, required to create backup as well as create Restore points in your system before performing the operation.


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