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Graphics Card Issues in Toshiba® Satellite Pro T110

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Problems during upgradation of Toshiba Satellite Pro® T110 graphics card

Over the past few years the number of gaming fans has increased in very large numbers. Toshiba Satellite Pro® T110 laptop is presented as the best match for these gaming fans. The graphics upgradation is mainly intended to improve the gaming or running performance. There are probably two reasons for upgradation of graphics card. Either the card has poor performance or you just want to increase the speed. If you think your card is performing slowly, there are lots of things to do. Once you are certain that your computer is working properly and you are still experiencing problems with your videos, you need to upgrade the card. You can upgrade the video card by informing it to the manufacturer itself or purchase an upgraded version of graphics card from Toshiba Satellite Pro® T110. There are possibilities of issues occurring during graphics card upgradtion.

The possible errors that can occur are:
  • Blank screen error
  • System performance slow down
  • Shaking of screens

Blank screen error

During upgradation most of you would have faced this problem. When the upgradation happens system screen turns to blank. This may because of critical system errors inside your system. The system will switch to display some text messages, but would display nothing, and the user can only see the blank screen.

System performance slow down

System slow down may due to the high capacity of your graphics card. By accessing the memory space or any other resources by graphics card, you won’t be able to access such resources and thus the output will be slow. This can have a negative impact on the overall performance of the system.

Shaking of screens

When upgrading the card, all other running programs including the menu screen starts to shake. The upgradation will be reach up to the half way mark without making any disturbances to other programs. Only after the middle portion the problems will begin. You have to restart the upgradation and thus the time consuming for the process also increases.

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