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Toshiba® T100 Drivers for Windows® XP

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What are the tips to resolve driver issues on Windows® XP-based Toshiba Satellite® T100 laptops?

Toshiba Satellite® T100 has some amazing configuration and components, and every hardware component needs a driver to communicate with the operating system.

The following are the issues related to drivers on the Windows® XP-loaded Toshiba Satellite® T100 laptops:

  • The USB driver stops working
  • The sound card driver stops working after being updated
  • A yellow exclamation mark appears next to the Ethernet card driver
  • The graphics card driver does not work occasionally

The USB driver stops working

In many situations, devices connected to the Windows® XP-based Toshiba Satellite® T100 laptop stop working. To confirm whether it is the driver of the non-functioning device that is responsible for the problem, right-click ‘My Computer’, click ‘Manage’, open ‘Device Manager’, and go to the option that says ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’. This should have drivers listed under it. Right-click on the driver and update it. If, even after updating the driver the issue does not resolve, then uninstall the driver and then reinstall it.

The sound card driver stops working after being updated

There are drivers which when updated don’t function properly. This can also happen to the sound card drivers. The previous version of the sound card driver on your Windows® XP-based Toshiba Satellite® T100 laptop may have worked absolutely fine, however, when the driver is updated, it stops working. To make the sound card work, it is essential to rollback the driver. To perform this, right-click ‘My Computer’ and go to ‘Manage’. From the ‘Computer Management’ window, select the option which says ‘Device Manager’. Then, select the sound card driver and right-click on it. Under the ‘Driver’ section, select the ‘Rollback Driver’ option and the driver will be rolled back to the previous version.

The graphics card driver does not work occasionally

If the graphics card driver stops working occasionally, then it does create problems in using the system. Therefore, the graphics card driver must be reinstalled to check whether it makes any difference or not. To do this, right-click ‘My Computer’, go to the ‘Manage’ option, select ‘Device Manager’, and then select the driver below ‘Display Adapter’; right-click on it to uninstall and then reinstall the driver by following the same window and the same options. You should reboot the system when the system asks for it.

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