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Toshiba® Satellite M300 drivers

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What are the tips to find, download, install and update BIOS, audio and video drivers on Toshiba Satellite M300?

Toshiba Satellite M300 is the laptop series that is loaded with various features. Toshiba Satellite M300 series are installed with software programs called drivers to control the hardware devices in your system. The sound drivers are intended to control the sound card in your computer. For the display of movies and games, you have to install the computer with suitable video card. An accurate video driver is used for the work. BIOS is the software program using which the motherboard in the computer could operate and allows it to communicate with other parts such as processor. BIOS drivers allow the BIOS to function the hardware devices in your computer in the correct manner. Without the accurate BIOS drivers on a motherboard, the BIOS can not work properly or access hardware properly, which can maintain a computer from starting up as it could.

Following are the details to find, download, install and update BIOS, Audio and video driver for your Toshiba Satellite M 300:

  • Audio driver
  • Video driver
  • BIOS driver

Audio driver

You have to click on the Start button and select the control panel and double click on the icon for sound and Audio Devices. Then browse for the manufacturer’s website and trace the sound driver that is obtainable to download. Then select the Microsoft.com and choose Microsoft Update under Downloads and Trials to identify the available updates. Then you need to download an update sound driver. Select the link for downloads or driver updates. After that, download the driver that is required for your computer and save it to a location such as in the desktop. Afterward double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation. By following the instructions, you can get the updated driver installed in your system.

Video driver

Go to the manufacturer’s website for the particular video driver. Then choose the download option for the required video driver. By considering the system you have, and the nature of the video card, you might have to point out the serial number and Operating System of your computer before you find out the correct driver. Then download and execute the exe file to get the video driver updated. Also you could use the update driver option in device manager to locate the updated file and install the updates.

BIOS driver

You have to first locate the model of the motherboard by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Then you have to recognize your computer and Operating System. After this set the proper driver file for your system and then save the file. Boot from that media and follow the instructions to install the BIOS driver. You need to search for an updated version and follow the similar steps to update the BIOS driver.

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