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Graphics Card Drivers for Toshiba® Satellite Laptops

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How you can select the latest and compatible graphics driver for your Toshiba Satellite laptop?

According to the system, a graphics card is necessary to provide graphical support to the system. Graphics cards could also provide better clarity in each of the documents of the system. If the display quality of the system gets decreased, then you could improve that by upgrading the graphics card in the system. That means the user upgrade and the graphics card are needed to improve the graphics features of the system or to add the features to current card. The upgradation of graphics card includes different steps. Firstly, you need to uninstall the current graphics card driver followed by the current card. After proper removal of old card components, you could install the new card and the drivers. After installation, you have to change the display properties of the graphics card. You need to find the correct slot of the graphics card in your system and this will help you to avoid the incompatibility issues during upgradation.

Following are some of the ways to get the latest drivers for the graphics card for your Toshiba Satellite system:
  • Using automatic driver update software
  • Use Windows Update Catalog
  • System manufacturer’s website

Using automatic driver update software

The driver update software is one of the easiest ways to access the latest drivers for the graphics card in the system. You can use software like Driver Detective for this purpose. This software is helpful in locating correct drivers for your system easily. You need to just install this software in the system. Then, turn on the software which will scan the whole system to compare your current drivers with a large database of the most up to date drivers available. You need to then make a single button click to get the correct driver.

Use Windows Update Catalog

Update catalog is also a method to get the latest graphics drivers for the Toshiba Satellite system. You can do this only if you know the specific name and version number of the driver you need. You need to get the Administrator options in Microsoft Update home page at first. Next step is to select the Windows Update Catalog under the Update multiple operating systems. Select the ‘Find driver updates’ for hardware devices option. Then to search for latest and compatible drivers, select the ‘Pick a hardware category.’

System manufacturer’s website

The system manufacturer’s website is a better way to access the latest and compatible graphics driver. You just need to enter the website and enter details of devices and click the ‘Search’ button. You will then get the drivers for your system displayed in the website. Just click the download button to get these drivers to your system.


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