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Freezing issue with the Toshiba® Satellite laptop

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Are you upset with the constant freezing problem with your Toshiba Satellite laptop? Read on to fix it.

If you have a Toshiba Satellite laptop you could experience the freezing problem when you touch the palm rest around the speaker’s area. It happens because of a static electricity discharge when you touch the laptop speakers. In most cases, you will not even feel that discharge. The problem occurs because of improperly grounded top cover assembly. To fix the problem, it is necessary to install a modified top cover assembly. When a Toshiba Satellite laptop freezes on start up, it is often because of an incorrectly functioning master boot record or boot configuration. You could try repairing the boot configuration through Windows start up options. If that does not work, you should also repair the master boot record by using your Windows system CD or DVD.

The common causes due to which Toshiba Satellite laptop freezes frequently are:

  • Toshiba Satellite keeps freezing at anytime
  • Fix a Toshiba laptop that freezes on startup
  • Toshiba Satellite laptop freezes hard

Toshiba Satellite keeps freezing at anytime

Freezing is a common issue are and is commonly caused by malware infection. To fix the problem firstly, you need to check the memory (RAM) in the machine. You will have to find a way to run a memory test, such as Memtest86, to check if the memory has a problem. If that is also clean, then you might have a problem with the BIOS, try downloading and updating the BIOS from the manufacturer’s website, if it still freezes after that then you might have a problem with the board.

Fix a Toshiba Satellite laptop that freezes on startup

The boot recovery turns into a powerful tool when you have start-up issues in Windows. First start your Toshiba Satellite laptop and press the ‘F8′ key before the Windows logo appears. This will bring up the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu and select ‘Last Known Good Configuration.’ Then put your Windows CD/DVD into your Toshiba laptop and restart the computer and press any key when prompted. Then click ‘Next’ when you reach the first dialog. Select ‘Repair Your Computer’ and click ‘Command Prompt’ after selecting an operating system. Type bootrec/fix boot at the command prompt, then hit ‘Enter.’

Toshiba Satellite laptop freezes hard

If your Toshiba Satellite laptop freezes hard, then thaws, and then freezes again, and so on. This process seems to start slowly, with the system freezing in progressively longer and more frequent intervals until you only have a few seconds each minute when the machine responds. For fixing this issue, first look in event viewer to see if anything is being reported there. Next you could also play with perfom.exe and see what is going on.

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    Steve Walse

    My Toshiba laptop is just 5 months old and it has started freezing already. When I start a game, it runs for 5-10 minutes and then freezes. The only thing I can do is power off my computer. I followed the steps mentioned in this article, and now my life is at peace. I can continuously play games for hours together without any technical snag. Really appreciate the help provided!

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