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Restore factory settings in a Toshiba® Satellite notebook

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How to restore factory settings in a Toshiba Satellite notebook? Read to know about the restore utility.

Toshiba Satellite laptop is having problems because of spyware, viruses or a corrupt operating system. The computer could be restored to factory default settings, giving it what essentially is a clean, new operating system. The factory settings on a laptop could be restored with a set of recovery CDs or by using the Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility Program in a hidden partition on the hard drive. For doing this first you need to shut down the Toshiba notebook. Click ‘Start’ button on the task bar and ‘Shut down’ icon. Depending on the version of Windows installed, the ‘Shut down’ icon might have to be clicked on twice. Press and hold the ‘Zero’ on the keyboard while pressing the power button, to turn on the computer. Press the ‘One’ key on the keyboard to select the ‘Restore Original Factory Image‘ option and click ‘Yes’ on the confirmation screen.

The needs of restoring a Toshiba Satellite laptop to factory settings are:

  • Need of restoring factory settings in a Toshiba Satellite laptop
  • Capability of a desktop computer
  • Operating System restoration disc

Need of restoring factory settings in a Toshiba Satellite laptop

The Toshiba notebook laptop comes with the Windows XP operating system pre-installed. If viruses and other malicious programs have infected drive, they could slow down and prevent you from accessing the Internet. You could fix these problems by using the recovery disc included with your operating system to restore the laptop back to its original factory settings. Place the recovery disc, label-side up, into your Toshiba drive. Let the program load completely, this takes a few seconds. Press the ‘Esc’ and change the drive’s name and choose a name, and click ‘Next’ to finish the re-installation of the Windows XP.

Capability of a desktop computer

The Toshiba Satellite laptop computer allows users to have the full capability of a desktop computer while at work, home or on a business trip. If your laptop stops functioning properly and no antivirus or spyware program is able to remove the bugs you have, then resetting the computer to its factory settings is your only option. You turn the laptop on and insert the recovery disk into the CD/DVD drive. Press ‘Esc’ at the start-up screen to reset the laptop to the factory settings. Choose the C:/ drive as primary slot for your hard drive then click ‘Next.’

Operating system restoration disc

When your Toshiba Satellite laptop goes on the freeze, there are several instances where the solution is to delete everything and start over. If your system frequently crashes or you cannot remove a specific virus, you need to restore the laptop back to original factory settings. The way to restore the system is to use the operating system restore disc. Toshiba Satellite laptop includes a hard drive recovery utility that lets you restore the operating system without the restore disc.

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