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Reasons Due to Which Audio Does Not Work on Toshiba® Satellite

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What are the common reasons due to which audio does not work on Toshiba Satellite laptop?

Toshiba Satellite is the latest model of Toshiba note book computers. Toshiba Satellite stands for quality, durability and reliability. Toshiba has many advanced features such as large storage space with 320 GB hard drive, webcam, fast processor, LED backlit display and many screen sizes available from 14.0 & 15.6 diagonal widescreen. Toshiba Satellite is styled for every taste including variety of color lids and accents, FusionT and touch screens. Toshiba Satellite comes with 4 GB of DDR3 memory. These notebooks have a width of 12.7 inches, depth of 8.8 inches, height of 1.3 inches and weight of 4 lbs. Toshiba has got convenient docking capability which helps easy access to networks. Toshiba dynadock universal docking station has got in-built features such as digital audio and HD video cards. Toshiba also includes integrated Wi-Fi that enables better networking. Toshiba has got battery life of 5.5 hours with Li-Ion 6 cell battery.

Following lines explain the common reasons due to which audio does not work on Toshiba satellite laptop and different ways to fix the problem:

  • Audio problems
  • Reasons
  • Volume control settings

Audio problems

Toshiba Satellite audio working problems can be solved easily by updating the sound card. The sound card works only if suitable sound drivers are installed. After updating the sound card, if the problem is not solved, then you have to update your computer’s audio drivers. If the small horn icon in toolbar is dash in a red circle, it means that you have muted your audio devices, this may be one reason.


If your Toshiba Satellite laptop speakers are not working properly, it may be due to any change made to the audio settings and it can be solved by a little rooting. Make sure that your hardware has no problem and the headphone is plugged properly to its own ports. Sometimes, the problem may be due to its driver software. Infection of malicious programs is also one of the major reasons that may cause audio problems in Toshiba Satellite laptops.


In order to troubleshoot audio working problems, click on the ‘Start’ menu and go to control panel and click on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ tab. Then select your Toshiba laptop’s ‘Speakers and headphones’ tab and check that the volume is turned up. After that return to control panel and choose the option for your sound card and make sure the playback options are correct. Also turn on the volume of the media player.

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