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System Recovery in Toshiba® Satellite P500

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Discuss the role of system recovery in Toshiba P500 laptop.

System Recovery is the best method for restoring a system to a previous working order after some issues have come up. System recovery is a very useful tool as the need for reinstalling the Operating System gets reduced. Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop comes with an in-built system restore feature. Wit this, you can fix your system issues in case of an issue arising. There are many problems like blue screen errors, sudden system restart, extremely slow system performance which can come in your laptop. System recovery helps you to fix all these issues by restoring the system to an earlier time without data loss. System recovery would be necessary if the system got infected with some malware; if user accidentally deleted key system file, or if user installed new software that are causing errors etc. The laptop comes with genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System that comes with some specific tools for performing system recovery.

Following details gives users more information regarding system recovery tools in the Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop:
  • The System Image Recovery Tool
  • The System Restore option
  • The Startup Repair method

The System Image Recovery Tool

A System Image Recovery Tool is provided with your Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop. This tool can be used for recovering the system from a major error with the use of a recovery CD that has been created. This can possibly replace important system files or folders which have got corrupted with the ones on your restore discs.

The System Restore option

System Restore is an option which is provided with Windows Operating Systems by default. This involves restoring the key system files and other entries to a restore point which was created when the system was not having any type of issues. Such restore points on your system can be created manually without the use of any external tools. This gives you the opportunity to restore the Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop to a time of the users choice.

The Startup repair method

Startup repair tool option comes built-in on the Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop. This tool can be used to automatically fix issues which are causing prevention of startup in the laptop. Startup repair tool also allows users to find and identify the malware that are starting with the boot causing issues. Startup repair tool ensures that the system boot is done efficiently by removing malware and restoring startup to previous state at which the laptop was functioning properly.


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