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Restore Windows® 7 in Toshiba® Satellite P500

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Tips to Restore Windows 7 in Toshiba Satellite P500

The Toshiba P500 is a multi-talented desktop PC replacement. This exceptionally powerful laptop provides you the freedom to become creative and super-size your entertainment with its 18.4-inch extra-large screen. This laptop is equipped with the multi-core processors from Intel and an optional NVIDIA GeForce graphics. This stylish laptop comes with an attractive body having a Fusion Finish in Quantum Black. The 18.4-ich diagonal widescreen TruBrite high-definition display multiplies your multimedia entertainment. It also sports a spacious 500GB hard drive. This laptop also features a wide array of exclusive applications like Toshiba Bulletin Board, Toshiba Media Controller etc. The latest models in this series are equipped with the Windows 7 Home Premium edition. Problems with your Operating System might need you to restore it so as to continue with the smooth working of the system.

A few guidelines to restore Windows 7 in your Toshiba P500 are:
  • System Restore
  • Backup and Restore
  • Things to keep in mind

System Restore

The System Restore comes with more advanced features in Windows 7. Whenever you encounter any instability with your system, you could perform a System Restore so as to roll back your system to a good working condition. System Restore operates by creating images of your system called restore points. In the event of any mishap, this feature could be used to revert back to any of the previously created images.

Backup and Restore

The Backup and Restore feature is also provided with Windows 7. This feature enables you to create safe copies of all your important data. You could either assign Windows to choose the important files that need backup or you could also individually decide on the important files. All the essential data could be saved onto any schedule of your choice.

Things to keep in mind

Before performing any major changes to your Operating System, it is desirable to backup all the important information and preserve them. The essential data could be saved on any external storage device, drives or networks. As the System Restore feature in Windows 7 gives you a clear idea on the files that would be deleted or retained, you have a clear picture on all the files that would require backup. Windows 7 also provides you options to restore previous versions of files which is very helpful in instances of accidental deletion.


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