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Resolving Startup Issues in Toshiba® mini NB300 Netbook

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The possible reasons for the Toshiba mini NB300 netbook not starting and the tips to resolve the issue.

The Toshiba mini NB300 netbook does come with an array of specifications, style, and design. However, like any other computer system, it may also experience some issues, such as hard disk crash, software failure, virus infection, overheating, and booting problems. Many users have spent hundreds of dollars unnecessarily and have lost valuable working hours due to the inability to troubleshoot some of these issues.

To help you with this, the article illustrates the possible reasons for the Toshiba mini NB300 netbook not starting and the tips to resolve them:

  • Possible causes for boot failure
  • Resolving the issue
  • Tips to ensure your netbook boots properly

Possible causes for boot failure

System boot failures fall in two classes, i.e. hardware or software failures. Hardware malfunction can be because of the battery running out of charge. For the computer to function, RAM is vital, as it is the working memory. A breakdown of the RAM will most halt the initialization boot process. In addition, hardware upgrades and installations at times cause conflicts in the system configuration resulting in boot failure. Moreover, hard disk failure too will result in automatic boot failure, as it is the main storage media for the operating system files.

Software failures can be because of changes in the BIOS settings. Other reasons for software failure are deletion of the boot sector files by viruses that attack this section of the hard disk with a sole purpose to cause a failure in the start up.

Resolving the issue

Software issues are often the easiest to troubleshoot as they involve either re-running of the operating system installation disc or installation and updation of the antivirus software. Boot sector viruses can be removed by starting the system from the drive using the OS installation disc. You will be prompted to start the computer from the CD-ROM. Hit the enter key from the keyboard. To restore the deleted files, select the option, ‘Repair Installation Files’. Let the process complete, after which update the antivirus software and run it to remove any viruses that may exist. When the OS is unable to locate the storage media to boot from, then it is due to changes in the BIOS settings. To revert, press the ‘CTRL’+‘ALT’+‘DEL’ keys together, to restart and press the displayed key for accessing the BIOS until a blue screen appears. Set the order of boot to include the system hard disk. Save the changes by pressing the appropriate key and restart the system.

To troubleshoot battery problem, connect the adapter to the laptop and ensure that it is plugged to a mains power supply. Indicator lights will flash on the laptop’s panel indicating flow of power. Give it about two to three hours for charging fully and then disconnect.

Tips to ensure your netbook boots properly

When not connected to a mains supply, avoid running applications such as antivirus software and games, as these utilize the hard disk a lot, thus consuming more power. Screensavers too can be a cause for short battery charge hold. Screensavers with graphics and sound utilize more power, and so you should avoid using them. Never access the BIOS unless it is extremely necessary, as you never know what changes might affect the performance of your Toshiba mini NB300 netbook.

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