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Specifications of Toshiba® Satellite M500

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What is the specifications in Toshiba Satellite M500?

Toshiba Satellite M500 balances portability and viewing with an excellent 14 inch LED backlit widescreen display. It provides support for multitasking and creating and handling demanding tasks. This laptop is comes with Intel Core processors plus NVIDIA discrete graphics with NVIDIA Optimus technology, which enhances graphics performance with a better battery life. You will also be able to do more with big storage, high-speed networking, plus lots of expansion ports. It also comes with Intel wireless display which helps you savor multimedia, online entertainment or other content and enjoy great image clarity and sound without wires. The resolution of DVD up conversion technology provides you with excellent multimedia performance. The Toshiba media controller helps to share a home network with increased high responses.

Discuss the specifications for Toshiba Satellite M500:

  • Hard drive impact sensor
  • The wireless WiMAX
  • Up conversion technology
  • Sleep and music

Hard drive impact sensor

It works fast to support your Toshiba Satellite M500 and important data. The impact sensor provides support against unforeseen knocks, hits and drops. The hard drive impact sensor is a complex system of hardware and software created to detect rapid movements such as, when your laptop starts to fall off the table it “parks” the heads of your hard drive before any damage occurs.

The wireless WiMAX

The WiMAX allows you to use Wi-Fi for staying in touch, with the network. So, depending on where you travel, you can keep working, surfing, downloading and having fun without being tied to a hotspot. It also comes with Intel Wireless Display letting you savor multimedia, online entertainment or other content on your big screen TV, enjoying great image clarity and sound without wires.

Up Conversion Technology

It is an exclusive innovation that takes standard definition DVD content and upscales it so you get a sharper, more excellent older photos, clips and movies that look and feel more like high definition. The resolution technology provides your home movies with a facelift and removes the grainy picture quality. This technology uses advanced graphics processing capabilities of your Toshiba Satellite M500.

Sleep and music

You do not even need to boot up your Toshiba Satellite M500 to perform sleep and music mode. In your Toshiba Satellite M500 sleep and music mode allows you to seriously scale up songs and other sounds by tapping into your laptop speakers even when the laptop is asleep or off. It saves your time and conserves power. You need to plug in your MP3 player and punch up the whole music library by taking advantage of the sound system on your Toshiba Satellite M500.

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