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Drivers for Windows® 7 in Toshiba® Satellite M500

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Provide guidelines to install Windows 7 drivers in Toshiba Satellite M500

Toshiba Satellite M500 has all the modern features for power and excellent performance. This notebook is motorized by an Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 processor. With this powerful system, users can upgrade it with more powerful processor. It holds high definition built-in camera, Bluetooth, USB ports, memory card reader, multi-touch track pad etc. Some of the drivers available for Windows 7 in Toshiba Satellite M500 are graphics driver, video driver, optical driver, Bluetooth driver. Graphics driver may help the system to attain high definition and sharp pictures. All these drivers are computer program that allow higher-level computer programs to be in touch with a hardware device. This communication is carried out by a communication bus to which the hardware is connected.

Following tips can be referred while installing Window 7 drivers in Toshiba Satellite M500:

  • Check memory space
  • Back up the files to external device
  • Security

Check memory space

Users are asked to verify the accessible memory region before installing drivers onto the system. Thus, you may assure that the requisite quantity of memory space is existing for the installation of driver to the system. Each driver desires different memory provisions. Some drivers need more memory region to occupy. So those drivers have to be allocated with additional memory space at the time of installation process.

Back up the files to external device

System may take up to 15 to 20 minutes for the driver installation. At this time any kind of interruption is not welcomed. If the arrangement is forced to any disturbance by any means, it may lead to system crash. As a result all the files stored in the system may get damaged and cannot be restored. In order to avoid this situation, users need to back up all the important files to an external device before the driver installation.


While downloading the drivers from the site make sure that it is free from virus attack. Malicious software may alter the speed of installation and leads to serious hazards. Users are recommended to verify that their system is running with a certified anti-virus software which is good enough to protect from virus problem. If you are using a CD to install drivers, ensure that it is from an authorized seller.

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