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Recovery Partition in Toshiba® Satellite L500

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Learn about the recovery partition in Toshiba Satellite L500 laptop

In the past, Toshiba used to ship a recovery CD or DVD. The vendor now includes a hidden partition on the hard disk containing data for backup and recovery. Toshiba Satellite L500, like other laptops, includes an extra hidden partition on the hard disk to include information that can be used to restore the system back to the manufacturer’s default settings in case the computer is formatted or the operating system is uninstalled.

Various recovery partition issues in the Toshiba Satellite L500 laptop are discussed in the following points:

  • Why have a recovery disk?
  • Recovery partition issues on the laptop
  • Tips to resolve the issue

Why have a recovery disk?

Recovery disks are important to help restore the system back to the manufacturer’s default setting in cases where formatting has been done. It is not always guaranteed that the laptop will forever be in working condition as it was at the time of purchase. The operating system wears down with continued use and this may force the user to format the disk to regain lost system performance. When this is carried out you will want the system to give you the same output as before and this can only be done by use of recovery disk, which sets the system to default configuration.

Recovery partition issues on the laptop

The vendor leaves the task and responsibility of creating a back disk from the disk partition to the user. However, this can be problematic for the user. First and foremost, several CDs or DVDs will be required to create a backup of the disk partition. In addition to this, once the user starts the backup process and makes a slight mistake then he or she cannot rectify the mistake as the backup process allows only a single attempt. In such a case, the user will be forced to order a new recovery CD/DVD.

Given that the partition is hidden, it may present a problem in trying to access the partition if one has no knowledge on how to unhide a hidden partition. In addition to this, there could be some cases where the user can accidentally erase the contents of the recovery partition or delete it.

Tips to resolve the issue

After the purchase of the laptop, one should first create a recovery disk and store it away safely. In cases where one is not sure how to create the recovery disk, they should consult the vendor’s support website or request that one be created for them before the computer is shipped. When working with third party applications, they should avoid saving or installing them in the D drive as it is the default recovery partition. This will prevent the user from accidentally deleting the contents of the partition when removing user data and information.

In cases where the contents are accidentally erased or the partition deleted, the user can use third party application programs to restore the partition and its contents.


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