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Toshiba® Satellite L500-ST55X2 ethernet card

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Communication has become the backbone of the business establishments and home users. PC manufacturers have made it a point to provide different network connectivity options, i.e. Wireless LAN and Ethernet Network Card Controller with and an option for Bluetooth network connectivity. Nevertheless, you are bound to experience stability problems with the continued use of your laptop when attempting to connect to a local area network or the Internet. These may range from IP conflicts, disconnects, slow speeds and security among others. Having recognized this, the article aims at providing you with the right information to overcome some of the issues that may come with the Ethernet card in Toshiba Satellite L500-ST55X2 laptop.

Discussed herein are:

  • Different types of issues that can come with Ethernet card
  • Tips to resolve them
  • How to optimize your Ethernet card performance

Different types of issues that can come with Ethernet card

Different users of the laptop worldwide may experience a myriad of issues that may differ from one user to another but the following are common. Foremost, the inability of the operating system is to recognize the network interface card as part of the installed hardware devices in the PC. Secondly, users may note that the component does not connect to the local area network when attempting to access other communicating devices or connecting to the Internet. In addition, IP Address conflicts with other PC on the same network may be a common occurrence from time to time.

Tips to resolve the issues

To narrow own on the possible causes of the problems, begin by checking that interconnecting devices, i.e. router, switch and repeaters are turned on and check that the network cabled is properly connected to the RJ45 port. Furthermore, check that the device has not been accidentally or intentionally disabled. Issues with hardware recognition may be as a result of missing, deleted or corrupted device drivers. This can be resolved by either updating the current device drivers or deleting it and installing a new supporting program. Moreover, it is important that before logging into a network that you check whether the set protocol settings, e.g. IP Address and TCP correspond to the LAN setup.

How to optimize the Ethernet card

It is vital that you update the supporting device drivers on a regular basis to ensure it is compatible with the fast changing technologies used in devices such as NIC and router. Install and update a reliable antivirus program to guard against malicious programs that may attempt to change the default protocol settings without your knowledge.

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