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Factory Restore in Toshiba® Satellite a500

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What is the need to restore factory settings in Toshiba Satellite a500?

By restoring your Toshiba Satellite a500 system to its default factory settings, you can restore all the contents which it contained at the time of its purchase. There might be a number of reasons for restoring your system to its factory settings. There are possibility that the system might have been severely infected by malware which cannot be removed by any other method apart from restoring your system to its default factory settings. It is also possible to free up some space in your hard disk and memory to provide space for new data by restoring the system to its factory default. You need to take extreme care while restoring your system to its factory settings. It is because the restoring process removes all data from your system which may not be recovered easily. So, you need to keep a backup of system data before performing the restoring process.

The following are some of issues which you might face while you are restoring factory settings in Toshiba Satellite a500 system:

  • Loss of data
  • Reinstallation of Operating System
  • Device drivers reinstallation

Device drivers reinstallation

The device drivers may be lost during the factory restoration process. For the proper working of devices connected to the system, it is essential to install back the device drivers. Therefore, check whether you have the driver CD provided with the system when bought. The driver helps to install and recognize all the devices connected with your system. It also identifies the devices that are old and not in use. To overcome such issues, you need to take the backup of driver files from your Toshiba Satellite a500 system on a CD/DVD before restoring your system to the default factory setting.

Loss of data

After restoring to factory settings, you might lose all the data stored in your Toshiba Satellite a500 system. Hence to overcome this issue, remember to take a backup of all the important files and folders in your system. The favorite programs include photos, videos and music which shall also be deleted from the system after restore process. Copy those files to a blank CD which shall help you to restore the applications back to the system.

Reinstallation of Operating System

Toshiba Satellite a500 factory restore shall replace the current Operating System. You would be provided with the OS which came pre-loaded with your system at the time of its purchase. Therefore, you would be required to reinstall your favorite OS after the system is restored to default factory setting. It is advisable to ensure whether you have a backup of the OS currently used, so that you may reinstall it when you require for it.

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