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Restoring the factory settings in the Toshiba® Satellite A500

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What is the method of restoring factory settings in Toshiba Satellite A500?

Restoring your Toshiba Satellite A500 to its factory settings fixes all kinds of errors and makes your system perform better. Restoring the system ensures that no trace of files that were causing errors and problems remain on your system. Restoring your Toshiba Satellite A500 is the most efficient way to get the system back to its default proper working condition. Several problems like installation errors, malware attacks and harmful changes to the settings or accidental deletion of key system files might lead you to reset your system to default settings. The Toshiba A500 restoration should ideally be done in the “Safe Mode” of the system. The restore process must be carried out with due attention and care.

The following points will provide a better understanding of restoring factory settings in the Toshiba Satellite A500:

  • File backup
  • Reinstall Operating System
  • Recovery disc

File backup

The data that will be needed by the system must be stored on to a secondary storage device like external hard drive, flash drive or compact discs. The important files and applications can also be stored online on a common server because the process of restoring will lead to data loss. Before the data is backed up, ensure a virus scan and ensure that the viruses are removed with a good and updated antivirus software; else the system after getting restored to factory settings will be affected with a virus.

Reinstall Operating System

After the restoration process, the default Operating System will be installed in your Toshiba Satellite A500. Hence, reinstallation of the Operating System will be required. If you wish to install a different Operating System on your Toshiba Satellite A500, you might need to purchase the installation disc or you can also download the Operating System from the Internet before the restoration process.

Recovery disc

The system can be restored to its factory settings using the recovery disc; which is provided with the Toshiba Satellite A500 by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. Insert the disc into the CD-ROM and restart your system. Once the system reboots ensure that the system starts up from the CD-ROM and a menu will appear to restore to factory settings. The wizard will proceed and the Toshiba Satellite A500 will be reinstalled with its Operating System.

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