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Reset Password in Toshiba® Tecra A11

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What do you mean by password reset? Learn how to reset password in Toshiba Tecra A11 system.

Password is a secure way to login your system. It ensures that only authentic users are able to log into the system and gain access to files, programs and software which are intended for genuine users. When you turn on your system it takes you to the Windows screen with your user profile. To enter that you can simply click on it or enter the password if you have set one. There might be situations when you forget your password or may be due to other reason you might be required to set a new password for Windows login.

In this article we will focus on resetting password in Toshiba Tecra A11 system:

  • Reasons for password reset
  • Steps for password reset

Reasons for password reset

Password reset may be required when either you have forgotten your Windows login password or you have entered the wrong password in several attempts and have been locked out by Windows. In all these cases you may be having the administrative rights as a user or you may not be having the rights. Password reset thus becomes very important at this stage to be able to use your computer.

Steps for password reset

All the above mentioned situations call for password reset although they require administrative rights for doing so. Password can be reset using a password reset disk, however, if this disk is not available with you then you should login to your second administrative user profile do change the password. Resetting the password using a disk is very simple. Insert the disk into your system when it says that you have entered a wrong password. Click on “Reset password tab”. A new window for password reset wizard will appear on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be able to create a new password for your Windows. In situations where a password reset disk is not available and where you do not have second administrative user profile, a Windows reinstallation is the other solution.

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